Server Wipe 19/03/2020

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    Server Changes – Server Wipe 19.03.2020

    This Wipe we have a few announcements to make:

    Server Move:

    We are moving to a new, faster server this wipe! To join the new server either search for Rust Gen x5 Solo/Duo/Quad in the server list or go to the console and type ‘connect’

    Vending Machines:

    Vending Machines will be available before the usual 6 hours period. To balance the server better we have reduced the prices of several items, go check it out at the new /town once they are released!

    VIP Changes

    Vip ranks have been changed this wipe. There are several new perks coming with your kits now! To check what you get from your rank just check the Store page on the website!

    1 Year Anniversary

    Since it is our 1 year anniversary of being open this week, we want to give back to our players, after all a server is nothing without its players! To show you that we appreciate every single one of you, that chooses to put time and money into our server, we are gifting everybody a week of diamond vip!
    To claim your 7 days of diamond vip, just click the Store page on our website and look for the “Diamond Anniversary” package. All you need to do is sign into your steam account so we can assign you your rank accordingly, then enjoy your diamond package!

    We hope all of our players are doing well and you and your loved ones are safe in these critical times.

    Rust Generation Staff Team

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