For information about the wipe changes check

the forums or the Discord Announcements.

Why should you play on our server?

Experience & Activity

Razor and Powergrill have run different Rust servers for over 2 years, they know how to deliver the best possible gameplay experience. They are supported by an experienced team of Admins and Technicians. Admins don’t play on the server, they will only help and sort out issues.

RG Community

Join our Community today, anyone is welcome! We are well connected over Discord and our websites forums. Feel free to ask for help or advice. You can also trade and search for team mates to help you with your adventures. You can open a support ticket on our discord.

Admin-Player Meetings

Every Wednesday before a Rust Generation x5 Wipe, we will hold a meeting in Discord to discuss wipe changes. Anyone is welcome to listen in or bring in suggestions. You can actively help to shape the server every wipe.

Custom Maps

Our servers use a rotation of custom maps, that are popular with the community. They are made by Keirox, we add changes ourselves which makes the maps unique. We currently use Hawk Ridge Island.

Want to check us out yourself?

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Rust Generation Staff Team

This is our current active staff team, we also have chat mods that change about every other wipe, thats why we don’t list them here. If you want to know who is chat mod, you can check on Discord or see it on their in game tags on the server. There are other members in our team but they are currently not active, hence they are not listed here.


Server Owner/Developer

Razor is the man behind the scenes, making sure everything runs smooth on the server at all times. He takes care of plugins, wipes and any technical issues on the server as well as making improvements on the website.

Discord: Razor#3333



Server Owner/Management

PowerGrill is responsible for building any buildings that are needed by Admins: town, event zones etc. She also makes the website together with Razor and manages changes and issues behind the scences.

Discord: Symphonir#9313



Server Admin/Technician

Abaay is here to help you with any day to day issues you may have on the server. He also helps out with wipes and updating plugins as well as running the x2 server. He is usally online daily, don’t be shy to ask him for help.

Discord: Abaay#5552

We hope you enjoy your time on our servers!