Rust Generation

We are back and better than ever!


We’ve run our Rust Server succesfully for over a year and learned a lot in that time. We know what is important to our players and make sure everything is working properly.


Our Admins are only on the Server to help you solve problems or build the Safezone/Events. Admins are online daily and always reachable on Livechat.


We like to surprise our players with various Events and Competitions. We have lots of original ideas, we want to make your time on our server fun and memorable!


We pride ourselves on building a custom safezone for our players every wipe. The safezone includes Shops/Vending machines on which you can pay with your ingame currency!


We are always reachable on Livechat, just head to the bottom of the page and fill out the form! An Admin will be with you as soon as possible.


Do you have any great ideas yourself? Do you want to help our Server get even better? Just head down to the Livechat and leave us a message with you idea!

Come join us on Rust Generation!


Official Staff Team

This is our current Staff Team.


Server Developer

Razor is the owner along side of PowerGrill, his job is to make sure the server and website is online and running smoothly and make sure the plugins are up-to date. 



Server Management

PowerGrill is the owner along side of Razor, she is a great builder and helps by doing it all every single wipe. She also helps edit and configure the website.



Server Technician

FireBuster is our Server Technician, he has full access to the server and can help with any plugin issues you have. Any time he’s online, he’s usually looking to help anyone!



Server Admin

Abaay is a Server Admin and the second hand to Razor and Powergrill. He will be helping with Wipes & Plugin development as well as day to day issues. You can come to him with anything you need. He lives in UTC-5 timezone and will be on daily.

Razor & PowerGrills Blog

Server Updates

Are you ever wondering what is going on on the server?
Then you have come to the right place! Here we post all kinds of news from the server, like added plugins, completion of the safezone, big balancing changes and results of competitions!


Server & Chat Rules

We only have a handful of Rules on Rust Generation. We enforce our Rules thoroughly, we take rule breaking very seriously. If you want to read up on our rules check out the Rules Section in our Discord!