– Bug Abuse (exploiting an in game mechanic, that wasn’t meant to work that way for your own benefit)
– Threats to DDOS (towards the server or any individual on the server)
– Hacking in any way
– Bullying (its okay to joke around but we won’t accept anyone really bullying someone else)
– Advertising on the server, discord or forums (other websites, servers etc.)
– Town Camping (intentionally engaging in combat with players while they are leaving town)
– Shooting down Heli from town safezone (it is classed as bug abuse since it is an unintented mechanic of the safezone)


– Racism
– Extreme toxicity
– Heavy swearing
– Repeated spamming
– Keep politics out of general chat

-> depending on how crave the offense, these will warrant a warning, temporary/permanent mute, temporary/permanent ban after repeated offense.


– Walling off or claiming Monuments (anything marked on the map, including town and public quarries – don’t put turrets next to them either)


– Griefing

We at Rust Generation define griefing as “going out of your way to hurt someone on the server”, “intentionally making someone elses time on the server less fun”.

– Camping a base so someone cannot leave, without the intent to raid them
– raiding someone excessively (=numerous times every day)
– intentionally destroying more items in their base than necessary for a raid (worst case foundation wiping)
– taking over someones base if you don’t intend to use it (it is allowed to steal other peoples bases if you wish to use them for yourself, we don’t recommend this though because of the purge plugin)
– purposely despawning other peoples loot during a raid when you don’t want it yourself or purposely despawning your own loot so others cannot take it is griefing, it is not fair or fun for anyone

These are just some examples and don’t include all but the most notable cases of griefing. In general: Treat others as you would like others to treat you.
Every case of griefing is unique, it will be carefully looked at by our Admin Team to review all evidence and understand all the circumstances. An appropriate action will be taken after they have reached a conclusion.

RULES Are updated!

Remember, the rules will be updated every few months.

Last updated: 04/03/2020