Server Wipe 16/04/2020

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    Server Changes – Server Wipe 16.04.2020

    This Wipe we have some exciting news for you guys!

    Server Name Change:

    With the new changes this wipe, our server has a new name! When you look for it in the modded rust server section you will find it under Rust Gen x5 | Hawk Ridge Island | Keirox Custom Map.

    New map:

    We have a brand new map on our server this wipe. Instead of taking a map seed from rust:io, we bought a map from Keirox, which has many unique features that you will be able to explore! The map we will be using is called Hawk Ridge Island. For more information about the map in general check

    New plugin added: Dangerous treasures

    “Dangerous Treasures is an event that occurs once every one to two hours. The event spawns a box at a random position on the map away from all player obstructions and water. The event opens with a barrage of rockets that blast the chest’s location. A sphere surrounds the treasure chest, and a fire aura is activated which sets players on fire who enter it. The chest is locked for a random period of time to give players an opportunity to travel to it. A server broadcast is sent informing players of the event, it’s location, and to use ‘/dtd’ to draw on their screen where the chest is located (usable once every 15 seconds). Players cannot build inside of the sphere, damage the chest, nor loot it until the event starts. When the event starts the fire aura and sphere are obliterated and the chest becomes lootable. Once the contents are stolen the thief is announced and the event ends.”


    Quarries should now be fully functional again, we also added a quarry repair plugin so you can hit it with a hammer and repair it that way.

    Upcoming changes – Loot table rework:

    We will rework the loot table to make it feel more fitting for our x5 server. We will be removing a lot of junk items and also add more useful items at the same time.


    We hope all of our players and their families and loved ones are safe and healthy in these critical times.

    Rust Generation Staff Team

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