Force Wipe 05.03.2020

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    Server Changes – Force Wipe 05.03.2020

    A few changes are coming to the server this wipe:

    New plugins implemented:

    – Noob Protection (10h in-game time after first connection)

    /removenoob – allows player to remove his noob status (needs “yes”)

    /checknew – allows player to check if the entity is placed by a new player to avoiding losing explosives (needs to be looking at the building/entity)

    o There is no refunding, make sure you /checknew a base before you try to raid it.
    o Your noob status will get removed if you try to raid someone.
    o If you are a member of a team and one of your team mates tries to raid someone whilst you are under noob protection, all members of the team will lose their protection.
    o You will be able to see how much longer a building is under protection
    o If you have over 1000 hours on rust on your first connection, you will not get noob protection

    – Item Block (Raid Items for first 24h)

    Items that are blocked are:
    o C4
    o Rocket Launcher
    o Beancan Grenade
    o Satchel Charge

    You will not be able to put these items in your tool belt but you can have them in your inventory.

    Other Changes:

    – Handyman was updated and shouldn’t be buggy anymore
    – Rust:IO was set up again
    – The new map seed is 50
    – You will be able to place high external walls and doors while raid or combat blocked

    Coming up next wipe (19.03.2020)

    – VIP will be reworked
    – RP permissions won’t be permanent anymore


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